The city of Praven is home to all manor of races and being a port town is a central hub for trading. Traveller from far and wide come to Praven for the people and the atmosphere. The surrounding area adds to the allure with stretching meadows and beaches, the area is quite tame and the monster populous is far smaller than that of other regions.

The city is ruled by King Edward III, a young ruler who has recently taken the mantle of King from his father King Theodore I. Due to an incident involving magic and a heated debate over the neighbouring Kingdom of Swadia, King Theodore I’s life was brought to a swift end

Magic is now outlawed in the the city and restricted to Corellon’s Spire. Any and all magic use is punishable by imprisonment with a high chance of death. Everyday magic has since ceased and all magic goods are seized and kept in a vault beneath Praven Palace

Praven is home to several factions of all varieties:


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