The world of Ekoth was created long ago, by powerful beings who mortals have dubbed the Pantheon. They created a planet capable of sustaining all manner of life and whilst they care deeply for the inhabitants they are using this planet to deepen their understanding of the creatures they create in hopes of making a utopia for future life.

Deities generally considered good

Name God of… Domain Symbol
Avandra Goddess of change and luck Trickery Three stacked wavy lines
Bahamut God of justice and nobility Life, War A dragon, in profile facing, left
Corellon God of spring, arcane and art Light An eight pointed star
Erathis Goddess of civilization Knowledge An upper half of a clockwork gear
Ioun God of knowledge, skill and prophecy Knowledge A crook shaped like a stylized eye
Kord God of strength and storms Tempest, War A gauntlet from which a sword blade extends, holding a lightning bolt
Melora Goddess of sea and the wilderness Nature, Tempest A wavelike swirl
Moradin God of creation Knowledge, War Flaming anvil
Pelor God of summer and the sun Life, Light Circle with six outwardly radiating points

Raven Queen

Goddess of death and winter Life, Death Ravens head, in profile, facing left
Sehanine Goddess of the moon Trickery Crescent moon

Deities generally considered bad

Name God of… Domain Symbol
Asmodeus God of tyranny Trickery Three triangles in a tight formation
Bane God of war and conquest War Claw with three talons pointing down
Gruumsh God of destruction Tempest, War Triangular eye with bony protrusions
Lolth Goddess of spiders and lies Trickery Eight pointed star with a web motif
Tharizdun God of madness Trickery Jagged counter-clockwise spiral
Tiamat Goddess of wealth, greed and vengeance Trickery, War Five-pointed star with curved points
Torog God of the Underdark Death T attached to a circular shackle
Vecna God of evil secrets Death, Knowledge Partially shattered one-eyed skull
Zehir God of darkness and poison Trickery, Death Snake in the shape of a dagger



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